First select the rental period for which you need the items. Our minimum rental period is 4 days. Saturday and Sunday cannot be selected as return days. On these days our studio is closed and the shipping service providers unfortunately do not transport parcels. You do not have to take shipping times into account as rental days. Please select the day on which the items should be delivered to you as the first rental day. Please select the day on which you send the rental items back to us as the last rental day.


The number of items available for the selected rental period will be displayed directly in the shop. Put the required number in the shopping cart and repeat steps 1-2 until all items are in the shopping cart. 

HINT: If the item is not available in the desired quantity, please send us a message to


Are all items in your shopping cart? Perfect! Then you can easily request an offer from us by clicking on the “Request an offer” button. Now all you have to do is leave your contact details and we will send you an offer for your request within one working day.


With this offer we reserve the rental items for you for 7 days. So you can take your time and think about whether the offer is right for you. After 7 days, the offer expires and the items will be released for booking in the shop again.


Did our offer convince you? That's our pleasure! To book the offer bindingly, please simply write us an email. We will book the items for you and send you an invoice.


Still questions? Feel free to get in touch 
by email to, 
by phone on +49 176 72702596 
or simply send us a short message via Whatsapp.