Are you still unsure or would you like to try out which accessories suit you best? With our test package you can have up to 3 items delivered to your home to try on or for your appointment with your stylist before you place a binding order. 
  • This service is not available on weekends. 
  • The accessories must be returned no later than 3 days after the start of the rental period. 
  • The accessory may not be worn on the day of the wedding or event. 
  • Please note: If you order a test package, the accessories are not automatically reserved for you for the wedding day. 

It's that easy to order your test package: 

  1. Choose up to 3 pieces from our collection for your individual test package. 
  2. Select Monday or Tuesday as your rental start date. 
  3. Your order will arrive on time on the first day of rental. 
  4. Return items on time by simply using the return label provided.