Styled Shootings und Cooperations

At Magnolias on Silk, we love to get creative and see our decorative elements in new, exciting settings. A styled shoot is the perfect stage for this - and your vision can be brought to life with our pieces! 
To ensure the quality and exclusivity of our brand while using our capacities efficiently, we follow clear guidelines when selecting styled shoots to participate in.
 1. we are more than just spectators! We want to be actively involved in the creative planning, because the best ideas come from collaboration. We therefore only take part in styled shoots where we are involved in the early stages of planning in order to help shape the conceptual development and ensure that our decorative items are ideally staged. 
 2. we are particularly happy to lend out our articles when they are allowed to slip into scenes that we do not yet have in our portfolio. We therefore make our articles available primarily for projects for which we still need meaningful and high-quality image material. In this way, we also support the expansion of our portfolio and the presentation of new, exciting products. 

 3. we pay particular attention to stylish table settings. It is important to us that our products play the main role. Your design should place our items in the foreground - other decorative elements from external suppliers should play a supporting role in the table setting or not appear on the stage at all. This keeps the scene clear and authentic, and our brand is not diluted by external products. We believe that a consistent style tells the best story and doesn't confuse the viewer. 

 Does everything fit? Then write to us! Tell us about your idea and who will be photographing the shoot. Throw a few dates out there and let us know why your project is the perfect match for us. We look forward to creating something unique together.