When the cutlery matches the wedding decorations 
Wouldn't it be enchanting if the cutlery adorning the wedding or festive table perfectly complemented the hues of the candlesticks, tea light holders, or the opulent gold and silver accents of the room? It's these subtleties that truly elevate a decor, signaling a meticulous attention to detail. Yet, like many, you may find that the cutlery options at your dream venue or preferred caterer are disappointingly limited and fail to align with your vision. When we embarked on crafting decorations for upscale weddings and events, we encountered the same dilemma. However, settling for standard cutlery was out of the question for us. For we believe that pairing exquisite golden candlesticks with stainless steel catering utensils, and melding various styles and metallic elements, may be considered trendy by some, but to us, it's simply incongruous.

Modern cutlery in gold, rose gold or copper 
Therefore, we set out to find high-quality and special cutlery collections for our bridal couples and customers.

Rent individual pieces of cutlery or a set?  
Are you planning an elegant dinner with starter, two courses and a dessert? We are flexible. You can hire the number of cutlery items you actually need from us.