Sustainability begins with timeless design and the highest quality.

As a company, we are responsible for the impact of our actions on the environment and on future generations. We believe it is possible to combine our passion for beautiful things with sustainability by offering decorative items that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also respectful of the environment, people and resources. For Magnolias on Silk, the following points are of particular importance when it comes to sustainability.

Timeless Design

Hightest quality

Sustainable manufacturing

Timeless design is characterized by a harmonious shape that suits various furnishing styles and occasions and is therefore versatile. We love timeless design not only for aesthetic reasons, but also because it is more sustainable to create products that can be used for many years. In contrast to short-lived trends or fashions, which often quickly lose popularity, timeless design is still relevant even after many years. This means that products have to be exchanged or replaced less often, which in turn protects the environment.

The quality of materials and workmanship play a central role when selecting our products. In addition to the materials used, high quality is reflected in the careful workmanship and attention to detail during production. The longevity of our products allows us to ensure that they do not need to be replaced so quickly and thus also contribute to environmental protection. Our customers can rely on us to provide them with high-quality, long-lasting products.

We want our customers to buy products that not only meet their aesthetic needs, but also have a positive impact on the environment and society. We see taking sustainability in production into account when selecting products as a means of steering consumer behavior towards sustainability. When selecting our products, we increasingly rely on suppliers who are demonstrably committed to the highest sustainable production standards.

Sustainable practices 

At Magnolias on Silk we are known for high quality products, customer service and quality, but we also recognize our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. By conserving our resources, our operating costs remain as low as possible, which allows us to offer our customers the best possible prices. 

Understanding that we all play a role in shaping our future, we at Magnolias on Silk are continually looking for ways to further reduce our impact on the environment. 

To ensure that beautiful things get to our customers, we cannot avoid logistics. However, we ensure that shipping is climate-neutral and that our packaging and packaging materials are reused. 

Here are some examples:

CO2-neutral Delivery

We work with logistics partners like UPS and DHL to offset our carbon footprint. Every shipment made via UPS or DHL is offset by verified environmental projects worldwide. 

Sustainable packaging solutions

Laundry bags

We reduce our impact on landfills by eliminating plastic bags and using laundry bags for our table linens, which can be reused for many years. 

Paper and cardboard 

We use our boxes multiple times wherever possible. Damaged boxes are recycled by our partner karopack and returned to us as filling material in tear-resistant paper bags. We then pack your rental items again so that they reach you safely and well padded.

Plastic bags

We use biodegradable plastic bags that reduce the impact on our environment and have a long service life and are 100 % recyclable.

Of course there is still a long way to go, but we are happy to see that things are moving in the right direction. More and more brands are opting for sustainable production methods. It is an encouraging sign that will motivate us to do even more.