Pamper yourself with luxury and feel like a goddess Do you dream of sensual boudoir pictures as a gift for yourself or as a little surprise for a special someone you love? Or would you like to capture the getting ready for your wedding or your pregnancy in sensual pictures? 

These moments are among the most intimate and precious moments in your life. And you shouldn't wear just anything. But something that envelops you in luxury and makes you feel like a goddess. This is the only way to create this special magic that you will see in the pictures. 

High-quality boudoir robes made of precious lace and silk have their price. With us you can exclusively rent high-quality boudoir robes for your boudoir shoot. 

And if you would like to call one of these wonderfully beautiful robes your own, then you will find this and a large selection of other robes in our Boutique by Magnolias on Silk.